Next Generation GRF

GP119 is a highly stable, next-generation GRF-VIP analog with increased bioavailability. It is a bifunctional peptide comprising GRF and VIP that have complimentary metabolic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects. GP119, provided in a patient-friendly mode of administration, is expected to treat the clinical symptoms of LD-HIV with benefits not provided by the current standard of care.

GP119’s GRF pathway has anabolic, neuroprotective and lipolytic properties while its VIP-like properties could lead to cardioprotective, pneumo-protective and anti-inflammatory benefits

GP119 for treating the symptoms of LD-HIV

GP119 is a next generation bifunctional peptide that synergistically combines the lipolytic and anabolic properties of GRF with the cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits of VIP actions.

Potential Life Cycle Management Opportunities

GP119’s increased stability and combined GRF-VIP properties create life cycle management opportunities such as new modes of administration and indication expansions. New modes of administration include sustained-release injectable or inhaled delivery systems. Future indications would leverage the additive nature of GP119’s anabolic, lipolytic, cardioprotective, pneumoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Although many indications could benefit from the synergistic effects of dual GRF-VIP activation, GP119’s effect is most valuable in patients with chronic cardiac and pulmonary conditions associated with cachexia. In these patients, GP119 has the potential to not only address loss of muscle mass, but also chronic inflammation, heart and lung dysfunction, and other life-changing disease effects.

Development Path

GRIFFON Pharmaceuticals has filed and received approval for a CTA from Health Canada and intends to launch a phase I study in Canada in the beginning of 2019. GP119 benefits from having a well-understood mechanism of action and a clear regulatory pathway, leading to an efficient development timeline. GRIFFON has achieved CTA approval in less than 3 years with less than $3M.